The Pleasures of Winter by Evie Hunter

Penguin Ireland – June 2012

Evie Hunter is actually two Irish authors, Caroline McCall and Eileen Gormley. 

When reporter Abbie Marshall meets Irish actor Jack Winter – notorious womanizer and all round bad boy – she is shaken to the core by his blazing beauty and provocative mind.

Following a devastating encounter with Winter’s shadow side, her detachment is shattered. Abbie is drawn dee…

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The Pleasures of Winter

Angels, Demons & Doms

Ellora’s Cave – June 2012

When a D/s virgin with an angel tattoo decides to gatecrash a BDSM party, she gets more than she bargained for. Lexi meets four masked Doms with devilish tattoos who give her pleasure beyond her wildest dreams. But when the scene is interrupted, she flees the club.

“Master Demon” Sam, refuses to give up on his angel. He puts away his mask and decides to prove th…

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Cover page for Angels, Demons & Doms

Jake's Prisoner

Ellora’s Cave – February 2012
Seduced by a treacherous human, Tanith Jasson finds herself in the brig of a Starship heading for Earth. Betrayed by the man she loved, Lieutenant Jake Svenson. Now, Tanith is being hunted by every mercenary in the quadrant, convinced that she holds the key to a crime lord’s fortune.
But Cyraelian females have that little something extra, a symbiotic creature calle…

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Virtually Yours

Ellora’s Cave – April 2012

Ensign Charley Maxwell has just completed three years of the toughest training in the galaxy. She’s given up her world, her family and her name to become a starship officer. Now, she’s is about to meet the man who can send her to prison, or save her life.Pete Olafson, tech-enhanced engineer and designer of Fleet Command’s prototype ship, the Pegasus. He has enough pro…

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Cover Page of Virtually Yours

Time Slip

Ellora’s Cave – September 2011

Shocked by the brutal murder of her colleague, curator Ingrid runs for her life through the dark exhibit halls of the museum where she works—straight into the arms of Temporal Agent Strom. He’s been sent back in time to stop a twenty-sixth-century criminal who is stealing artifacts from the past.

Falling in love with Ingrid wasn’t part of the mission. Strom kno…

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Time Slip by Caroline McCall

Raised on a diet of romance and science fiction, it’s not surprising that Caroline McCall turned to writing time travel and paranormal romance. Caroline lives with her partner, and several spoilt and ungrateful felines, on the windswept east coast of Ireland. She does most of her plotting while walking in the nearby seabird sanctuary.
As a non-fiction writer and genealogist, she has been published in journals and magazines.  Caroline’s background is quite eclectic. She’s done everything from working as a roadie with a rock and roll band to being an heir searcher. Caroline is delighted to be a member of the wonderful Ellora’s Cave team, and welcomes contact from her readers.