Virtually Yours

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Ensign Charley Maxwell has just completed three years of the toughest training in the galaxy. She’s given up her world, her family and her name to become a starship officer. Now, she’s is about to meet the man who can send her to prison, or save her life.Pete Olafson, tech-enhanced engineer and designer of Fleet Command’s prototype ship, the Pegasus. He has enough problems with a missing scientist and an Artificially Intelligent ship that refuses to communicate with anyone. The last thing he wants to do is mentor a Fleet Academy cadet.

Marc Liston wakes from a coma to find that his consciousness has been transplanted into the array of a ship. He thinks he’s losing his mind, until Charley makes him feel human again. When the Pegasus is boarded by tech-hungry mercenaries, Pete and Marc must put their differences aside to protect the woman they both love.

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